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A multi-platform application for calculating the Hamaker constants of layered materials.   

  Gecko Hamaker is a Java implementation of the Hamaker Dashboard capabilities contained within Electronic Structure Tools (EST) software.  Gecko contains uses the Lifshitz theory to calculate fully-retarded Hamaker coefficients for layers of materials in its database.  Users may add their own materials, and create their own projects.

Gecko was created by Gecko Design and Project Team, Cornell University, Spring 2003.
Michael Alvarado
Guillaume Giraud
Andy Lien
Kevin Roser
Hamid Schriker
Lincoln Uyeda

Gecko is available under GPL (Gnu Public License). Download from www.sourceforge.net/projects/geckoproj

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Electronic Structure Tools for GRAMS/AI


Electronic Structure Tools (EST) software, a set of spectroscopy analysis programs, is used for Kramers-Kronig transforms, optical property transformations, sum rule calculations, valence EELS, single scattering deconvolution, London dispersion analysis, and calculations of Hamaker constants using the Lifshitz theory.  

Overview of Electronic Structure Tools.

EST software is the brain child of Roger French,  Senior Research Associate, Central Research, E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.  

EST requires Thermo Electron Corporation's  GRAMS/AI, Version 6 or 7.

EST also contains RazorTools, spectroscopy analysis software by Spectrum Square Associates.  Razor software is based on Bayesian, Maximum Entropy, and Maximum Likelihood methods.  RazorTools contains fully automated functions for smoothing, maximum entropy deconvolution, peak fitting, peak picking, baseline removal, and derivatives.  

RazorTools/6 is a new version of the well respected RazorTools add-on applications for GRAMS/AI spectroscopy software.  
RazorTools is an automated implementation of the Razor Library programming library for spectroscopic and peak analysis.  
A full copy of RazorTools/6 is now included in all releases of Electronic Structure Tools.

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