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Electronic Structure Tools (EST) software, a set of spectroscopy analysis programs, is used for Kramers Kronig transforms, optical property transformations, sum rule calculations, valence EELS, single scattering deconvolution, London dispersion analysis, and calculations of Hamaker constants using the Lifshitz theory.

EST is a set of application programs that runs under GRAMS/AI, versions 6 & 7. (GRAMS/AI is a product of ThermoGalactic Corp.

The EST application programs are gathered together in the Electronic Structure Tools workbook.

The Electronic Structure Tools workbook contains information on the path to the EST application programs, including DLLs that are used during processing. It also contains a top-level menu item Q'EST, from which all the EST applications may be run.

Electronic Structure Tools uses a file naming convention that allows the separate programs to recognize the type of data within the file (reflectance, eels, index of refraction, etc). This convention is explained in the File Naming Key.