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File Naming Conventions

File Type Convention

Electronic Structure Tools uses a file naming convention that allows the separate programs to recognize the type of data within the file (reflectance, eels, index of refraction, etc).

By default, EST programs look at the character immediately preceding the (SPC) extension. When this character is one of the letters of the alphabet, EST assumes file types, and units, as given in the File Naming Key.

Full File Name Convention

The full naming convention is based on notebooks, pages, experiments, and data types. A typical data file name under this convention is c02410o.spc. This file name indicates that the experiment was recorded in notebook C, on page 024, the experiment number was 10, and the data type is 'o'. Data type o (or O - capitalization doesn't count) is EELS data.

Frequently you will see the following menu for filename input:

This menu was built to assist the original users of EST, who use the full file name convention. Although you need not use the full convention, you will find it impossible to successfully buck the file type convention given in the File Naming Key.

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