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The following published papers used 
Electronic Structure Tools for data analysis:

R. H. French, “Origins and Applications of London Dispersion Forces and Hamaker Constants in Ceramics”, Centennial Feature Article, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 83, 9,
2117-46 (2000). 

A. D. Dorneich, R. H. French, H. Müllejans, S. Loughin, M. Rühle, "Quantitative Analysis of Valence Electron Energy-Loss Spectra of Aluminum Nitride", Journal of Microscopy, 191, 3, 286-96, (1998).

R. H. French, H. Müllejans, D. J. Jones, G. Duscher, R. M. Cannon, M. Rühle, " Dispersion Forces and Hamaker Constants for Intergranular Film in Silicon Nitride from Spatially Resvolved-Valence Electron Energy Loss Spectrum Imaging", Acta Materialia, 46, 7, 2271-87, (1998).

S. Loughin, R. H. French, L. K. DeNoyer, W. -Y. Ching, Y. -N. Xu, "Critical Point Analysis of the Interband Transition Strength of Electrons", Journal of Physics D, 29 1740-50, (1996).

H. D. Ackler, R. H. French, Y. M. Chiang, " Comparison of Hamaker Constants for Ceramic Systems with Intervening Vacuum or Water: From Force Laws and Physical Properties", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 179, 460-69, (1996).

C. Argento, R. H. French, " Parametric Tip Model and Force-Distance Relation for Hamaker Constant Determination from AFM", Journal of Applied Physics, 80, 6081-90 (1996).

R. H. French, R. M. Cannon, L. K. DeNoyer, Y.-M. Chiang, "Full Spectral Calculation of Non-Retarded Hamaker Constants for Ceramic Systems from Interband Transition Strengths", Solid State Ionics, 75, 13-33, (1995). 

Y. M. Chiang, L. E. Silverman, R. H. French, R. M. Cannon, "The Thin Glass Film between Ultrafine Conductor Particles in Thick Film Resistors", Journal of the American Ceramics Society, 77, 1143-52, (1994).

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