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The KRAMERS-KRONIG DASHBOARD contains Kramers-Kronig transforms of all flavors, and also contains a button for creating London Dispersion spectra from the IM[interband transition strength] or RE[dielectric constant].


Performs a Kramers-Kronig transform for any of these spectral types: reflectance, real dielectric constant e1, imaginary dielectric constant e2, real interband transition strength e2E2, imaginary interband transition strength e1E2 , index of refraction n, extinction coefficient k, absorption coefficient a. KK accepts optical index of refraction and external ellipsometry data (*.mat files) as input data, to create the low-energy extrapolation of the data required by a KK transform. The low-energy extrapolation is fit to a two-pole Sellmeier equation.


Performs a Kramers-Kronig transform for EELs spectra. Unscaled EELs spectra are scaled using index sum rules. The user must input the optical index of refraction of the sample.


Performs a London Dispersion transform on Kramers-Kronig transform on the imaginary part of the interband transition strength, or on the real part of the dielectric constant.

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