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The Uv-VuV DASHBOARD is primarily used for importing and exporting files of various formats, and for manipulating data files specific to the Dupont UvVuV spectrometer.


Calculates a reflectance file from dark, lamp, and sample files. This application is specific for Roger French’s Dupont VUV spectrometer.


Synthesizes pellicle transmission spectra for 2 spectrometers, where the spectrometers have different wavelength ranges and different numerical apertures.


Strings together short scans to create a long scan. This application is specific to the Dupont VUV spectrometer.


Splits VASE ellipsometry data files (*.mat files) into index of refraction n and extinction coefficient k files.


Performs a Kramers-Kronig transform for any of these spectral types: reflectance, real dielectric constant e1, imaginary dielectric constant e2, real interband transition strength e2E2, imaginary interband transition strength e1E2 , index of refraction n, extinction coefficient k, absorption coefficient a. KK accepts optical index of refraction and external ellipsometry data (*.mat files) as input data, to create the low-energy extrapolation of the data required by a KK transform. The low-energy extrapolation is fit to a two-pole Sellmeier equation.


Converts Perkin Elmer Lambda 9 spectral data files to Grams format.


Exports Grams SPC format files to VUV-VASE format files.


Imports VUV-VASE format (elipsometry) files into Grams SPC format.


Calculates single-surface reflectance and absorption coefficient from two-surface reflection and transmission data.


Synthesizes e1,e2, and n,k, and reflectance, for any number of lorenztian oscillators. Provides test data for KK and other programs.


Starting from 2 transmittance spectra, each taken with different sample thicknesses, generates a spectrum of absorption coefficients.

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