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The VEELS DASHBOARD is used for single-scattering correction (deconvolution) and KK transform of (Valence) EELS spectra. The dashboard contains tools for dark current, gain, and convergence corrections, as well as tools for manipulating multifiles.


GRAMS mfutils.ab multifile operations, altered for Electronic Structure Tools. Contains text-file import to build multifiles. Build multifile from single files, break a multifile into single files, truncate a multifile along X or Z axis, reverse order of subfiles, rotate 90 degrees (ie. SPC to CGM).


Multifile Diagnosis.


Dark current correction for EELS data files.


Gain correction for EELS data files.


Adjusts X, Y, and Z axes of EELS multifiles.


Removes EELS zeroloss beam from the energy-loss spectrum, and performs multiple-scattering correction to obtain the single-scattering EELs spectrum.


(Not yet implemented).


Convergence correction for EELS data. Concor does a minor renormalization of the VEELS spectra with energy.


Performs a Kramers-Kronig transform for EELS spectra. Unscaled EELS spectra are scaled using index sum rules. The user must input the optical index of refraction of the sample.

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